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As a sustainable design company we utilize water-wise plants including many natives, edibles and flowers with nectar for hummingbirds and insect pollinators. Most of these plants will come from our own nursery which is free of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

During our initial design consult we will have a discussion of your tastes, goals and ideas for your project. These conversations will continue from the Round 1 Concept Plan through the Round 3 Master Plan. We will use the information gathered in these discussions to create a personalized, contractor ready plan for your new outdoor living space. 

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Women OWNED & Family Run

The Green Seed Team

Emily, Lead Designer and Planting Supervisor. The Green Seed Design + Nursery



Emily is the Lead Designer and Planting Supervisor for The Green Seed Design + Planting. She is a creative, smart, passionate business owner and designer. She has a B.A. in Communications from OSU and a A.A. in design and interactive media from Chemeketa CC. She has used her design skills to enhance the company, and bring design to the forefront of its mission.

In addition to her design work Emily has had hands-on experience in all aspects of the landscaping business from planting, patios, rain gardens and more.

Emily’s enjoyment of being outdoors and working with plants started at a young age as she grew up with her family in Bend OR. Lots of time was spent adventuring in the local nursery Land Systems with her dad.

Emily approaches her designs with creativity and the client’s needs in mind. Working with Austin on plant procurement from The Green Seed Nursery, they come up with beautiful and sustainable solutions

Emily designs, creates and maintains all The Green Seed Websites.

Austin,Head Grower for The Green Seed Nursery and Design assist
OWNER - HEad Grower



Austin is the Head Grower for The Green Seed Nursery and also assists Emily with some parts of the design process. Austin grew up helping out on a small farm and was exposed to horticulture from a young age, including through his first job which was in landscaping. He gained many related skills through a variety of jobs until acquiring a degree from Oregon State University with studies in habitat restoration. An interest in all things plants was sparked while working on a native plant farm and performing freelance landscape maintenance services during the summers while attending college.

After college Austin worked a summer doing bird surveys for habitat monitoring for the City of Portland and while he had a blast he realized it wasn’t his true calling. Austin went back to landscaping and began his career in horticulture. In 2014 Austin and Emily started The Green Seed to provide plant related services to local customers using only natural means. Through our Certified Naturally Grown nursery Austin has found his true calling as Head Grower.

[LCP# 15729] – Oregon Landscape Contractors Board.

The Little Seeds, Fairy house consultations - The Green Seed Design + Nursery

The Little

Two of our favorite helpers are the smallest of the bunch. These two keep us on our toes. Wow, they are fun, bright and active! Nobody on the team loves dirt, grass and being outdoors as much as the Little Seeds. To help out the local family business they are our fairy house consultants and playscape idea testers. These two make up a crucial part of the team.
Office Dog


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Our Gardens

1/3 Of our property is dedicated to our beautiful display gardens. Our Gardens are a wonderful showcase of our plants, different types of hardscaping, mulch, rain-gardens, meadowscaping and more. A great way to spark ideas for your own garden.

Private Garden Tour

Come enjoy a beverage and a treat from one of our local Canby Bakeries and have your own private guided tour of The Green Seed Gardens and our future habitat restoration projects. We end the tour in the nursery where you can see firsthand how we grow our plants. You also have the opportunity to purchase Certified Naturally Grown plants from our nursery not usually open to the public. 


June 17th
July 8th & 22nd

The Green Seed Gardens will be open for a self guided tour. 

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How we are involved

Eco-Biz Certified businesses meet high standards to reduce toxics, prevent pollution, and protect the environment. Each certified location has been visited and evaluated by EcoBiz program staff, and certified by the Oregon DEQ and a local water authority. The Green Seed was certified in 2019 just by doing what we’ve always done, putting sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.

Certified Naturally Grown Is a certification model for small farms that use only OMRI approved inputs. The peer-review inspection model connects farmers who can share knowledge and encourages continual sustainability improvements. We are proud to offer ornamental landscape plants grown without chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Our proprietary potting mix and fertilizer recipes are blended with locally sourced all natural ingredients.

The Backyard Habitat (BYH) Certification Program is a group effort by The Portland Audubon Society and Columbia Land Trust to help reduce the impact of urbanization on our native wildlife populations. The goal of the program is to eliminate invasive plants, plant native plants and promote wildlife stewardship and pollution reduction through on-site stormwater management. The Green Seed was one of the first businesses to be listed on the BYH Landscape Professionals Directory (since 2015) and we attend an annual meeting to stay up to date on guidelines.

The East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (EMSWCD) is a unit of local government serving Northwest Oregon’s Multnomah County east of the Willamette River. They work entirely on a voluntary, non-regulatory basis. All of their work is geared toward keeping water clean, conserving water and keeping soil healthy! They keep a directory of local sources of native plants and list The Green Seed Nursery