Xeriscape, Drought Tolerant, The Green Seed Sustainable Landscape Design

Water-wise Gardens

Garden Feature Water-Wise Gardens Water-wise gardening starts with the selection of plants that require little to no irrigation once established. A well planned and maintained water-wise garden will need only a fraction of the water required to maintain a green lawn. Xeriscaping is a popular style of water-wise gardening which utilizes highly drought tolerant plants […]
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Playscape - The Green Seed Sustainable Landscape Design


Garden Feature Playscapes Playscapes are created with the little members of the household in mind. In our playscapes we use edible fruits and tough plants that can tolerate many off trail adventures! We often utilize natural features such as tree stumps, balance logs, rocks, earth (berms), sandpits and more. The simple natural elements encourage a […]
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Swallowtail Butterfly, Pollinators- The Green Seed Sustainable Landscape Design

Pollinator Gardens

Garden FEAture Pollinator Gardens Pollinators play a crucial role in nature and in our food supply. Unfortunately many of them are becoming threatened or endangered due to habitat loss, pesticides and other consequences of human development. You can help play a role in saving them by creating a mini pollinator refuge in your own backyard. […]
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The Green Seed Sustainable Landscape Design

Rain Gardens

Garden Feature Rain Gardens Rain Gardens (also known as bio-swales) are a great way to help protect our local watersheds. A Rain Garden is essentially a shallow depression in your yard designed to capture and temporarily store rain water run off. This runoff comes from impervious surfaces such as roofs, driveways and patios and allow […]
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